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SMSF lending can be extremely complicated & frustrating. We’re here to simplify the whole process and get you the best outcome.

Low Interest Rate & Flexible SMSF Loans

Self Managed Super Fund Loans

Looking for self managed loan experts with years of experience to help set up & manage your SMSF for your retirement? Or simply just looking to learn more about self managed super funds in general?We have over 10+ years experience helping investors get the best outcomes with their SMSF Loans

SMSF Residential Property
SMSF Residential Property Loans
Borrowing to purchase residential property could be the right strategy for your self-managed super fund. Let us help you take out correctly optimised SMSF home loans for a higher purchasing capacity & lower interest rate. So you can buy a property to boost your retirement savings with a stable rental income. Talk to one of our SMSF loan experts today to get started.
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SMSF Loan Refinance Calculation
SMSF Loan Refinance Options
Is your SMSF property loan more than two years old? Consider taking out a refinance loan to pay off your initial loan faster and grow your super fund more quickly. Our team will do the hard work for you. We’ll compare different loan products & strategies to help you find a refinance loan that matches your financial situation. Get in touch to get started.
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SMSF Loan Setup
If you want to take out a home loan to buy residential or commercial property for investment purposes but haven’t set up your SMSF yet, turn to our team. We’ll ensure your SMSF is set up correctly and compliantly. We can also organise your SMSF loan to be pre-approved even before your SMSF has been established. Learn more about this service today.
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SMSF Loan for Bad Credit
Don’t let a bad credit score hold you back from getting an ultra-competitive SMSF loan. We offer many lending solutions catered explicitly for clients with a poor credit history. You can still put forward your retirement savings to a residential property or commercial investment property of your choice. Let’s start with a free consultation.
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SMSF Loans Co
SMSF Lending Strategy
The performance of your SMSF plays a huge role in determining how much money you and other fund members can enjoy in your retirement years. Protect your financial future by making wise investment moves today. We provide tailored lending strategies to boost your purchasing power and help you grow your SMSF property investments today. Call us to know more.
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Commercial properties in Australia
Commercial SMSF Property Loans
If you’re looking to purchase a commercial investment inside your SMSF, we can help you out. Thanks to our access to a range of commercial loan products, we can make it easy for you to get your desired loan amount & interest rate, acquire a profitable property and boost your real estate portfolio. Contact us today.
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"Helpful from the beginning, right up until the finish. They ensured a very smooth process with our commercial SMSF loan, making sure that we received the right loan that suited our needs."
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"Absolutely fantastic service, with even better communication. The staff at SMSF Loans co made my experience fast and simple. Highly recommended!"
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“I highly recommend SMSF Loans Co! The team was always very responsive with their communication, always providing invaluable information.
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