SMSF Residential Property Loans

Low Interest Rate & Flexible SMSF Loans

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SMSF Loans Co has some of the lowest rate SMSF loans in the market so you can start saving thousands when we help you refinance your SMSF residential property loan

Understanding SMSF Loans

  • SMSF Loan to value ratio can be up to 80%
  • SMSF Interest rates are generally are around 2%-2.5% higher than regular residential loans
  • SMSF loans can be used to buy houses, apartments & townhouses but not for vacant land
  • In general SMSF loans are harder to service and maintain.

SMSF Fees & Requirements

  • $1,500 – $4,000 is the general Legal & application costs
  • We highly recommend 60 days settlement for SMSF property purchases.
  • Require a personal guarantee by the SMSF trustee(s)
  • Servicing is met by using 80% of the rental income + the members’ employers guaranteed super contributions and salary sacrifice
Low Interest Rate & Flexible SMSF Loans

How much can I borrow?

  • Standard SMSF Investment Loans: Up to 80% of the property value. 
  • Commercial property: Up to 75% of the property value

Borrowing capacity?

One of the main Issues encountered by SMSF applicants is proving that there is sufficient income in the trust to support the loan.

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