Commercial SMSF Property Loans

Commercial property types that are eligible for a SMSF Loan 

Guide to Commercial Property Loans

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We work with experts who are accredited by the MFAA to guide you through all aspects of the process. All our consultants are expert insurance and mortgage specialists and will ensure you get a fully comprehensive service from us.


Borrowing to invest in your self managed super fund requires professional legal and financial guidance. Not getting it may seriously affect future investments. Regardless of your situation, we advise on the best structure for you to buy commercial property.

Custom SMSF Lending Framework

Whether you’re purchasing property for the sole use of leasing it through your SMSF, or whether it’s for both business and personal use, you want to make sure your lending framework is tailored to maximize all tax incentives available.

Commercial SMSF Property Loans
Low Interest Rate & Flexible SMSF Loans

What can be purchased?

Commercial property can be used to purchase buildings such as factories, warehouses, shops & offices or you can also invest in more specialist securities such as breweries. Property can be rented out for an income & mortgages cannot be used to fund new construction projects.

Loan-to-Value (LVR) rate & GST

The LVR and interest rates on your loan can vary, which is why it’s good to compare. Calculating your repayments can be tricky if you have an irregular income. You might also need to estimate any GST impact that new purchase may have in order to see whether or not you’re able to

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