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10+ years ago, we recognised the need for SMSF specialists to cater toward the growing market.

Our team of exceptional workers combines years of industry experience in every aspect of self-managed super funds, to give you the understanding you need. As a team, we work for your benefit, securing recourse borrowing arrangements quicker than most brokers and bank branches.

How are we different?

  • We are SMSF loan specialists
  • We possess our own credit license, allowing us to deal with a vast variety of lenders to offer you wider loan options.
  • All of our brokers have SMSF lending accreditations with the Mortgage and Finance Institution of Australia
  • We have close relationships with a variety of other SMSF loan specialists, whilst also possessing connections in the fields of accountancy and law. All of which give us access to expert advice across every area of SMSF.
  • Most importantly, we have the knowledge and the experience to give you the results you need.
SMSF Loans Co Logo

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